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MuséeDuLouvreMuseumWith a lot of history attached to it, the Musee du Louvre Museum is one piece of architecture that has fully brought out architectural finesse as only the French can. This building, located in Paris, is one magnificent palace that has with it an amazing amount of ancient art that also comprises Western art. This although is not just one of the amazing places that are found in this part of France. Also found near this museum is a number of hotels that are considered to be among the cheap hotels in Paris. Even with the friendly prices that they have, they still offer good service.

Hotel Des Ducs De BourgogneHotelDesDucsDeBourgogne
One of the cheap hotels in Paris that is found close to the Musee du Louvre Museum is the Hotel Des Ducs De Bourgogne. Even with the presence of elegant furnishing that is found here which are not only very modern, the pricing of this establishment is so customer friendly that it ensures the guests are treated to an amazing time while staying at the hotel. There also is the possibility of enjoying the beautiful sceneries in Paris by the hotel being situated in the middle of this town.
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Hotel Left BankHotelLeftBank
Hotel Left Bank is another collection to the amazingly cheap hotels in Paris that one can stay in. Located at the center in the district of Saint-Germaine, this hotel comes equipped with it comfortable amenities that will ensure ones stay is to the expected standards. With an articulate decor, donning the different rooms that are found here, one is able to have a setting that ensures calmness and relaxation is achieved. With there being different establishments that act, as galleries, cafes and even restaurants, there is never enough time for one to accomplish all that they set their mind to do.
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Hotel De BuciHotelDeBuci
With its proximity to the most amazing sites in the Paris District put in mind, the Hotel de Buci is one hotel that can be very comfortable to be at. This establishment comes equipped with beautifully set rooms that have with them Wi-Fi internet connection to ensure one keeps in touch with the outside world. Also close to the Louvre and the Luxembourg Gardens, there are a lot of beautiful Paris features that can be accessed here.
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Hotel De SeineHotelDeSeine
Another of the cheap hotels in Paris that one can have a stay in while in this place is the Hotel De Seine. This hotel with its spacious rooms is located at the District of Saint Germaine-des-Pris. The hotel offers top of the line services with its room connected with Wi-Fi internet connections that have further been enabled by there being a laptop safe. The bathrooms found in this establishment have been fitted with marble walls to further enhance the beautiful decor.
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Artus HotelArtusHotel
Adding to the collection of hotels found in the district of Saint Germaine des Pres is the Artus Hotel. This price friendly hotel has with it 27 rooms which in not only having been refurbished they also have had major sprucing up done to it. Its rooms come conveniently connected to an internet connection which can be accessed free of charge.
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